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How to reallocate your 401k investments

This process is easy once you have done it before, but it may seem confusing your first time. We hope these steps are helpful in figuring it out. If you have any trouble, please respond to your allocation email and ask for help.

  1. Follow the link provided in the email to your company’s 401k website.
  2. Log in using your credentials. If you have never used the website, there may be a registration process you need to go through. There should be a link on the website for this. If not, call the 401k provider and ask how to get online access. Their number should be prominent on the website or listed on your 401k statement.
  3. Find the area on the website for changing your investments. This may be under “Investments” or “Investment Changes”. This is typically referred to as “Rebalancing.”
  4. If given a choice, you want to update your “Current” or “Existing” investments. You may choose to update your "Future" investments if it is convenient, but this is not as important.
  5. You should be presented with a list of potential investment options. Look at the investment allocation that we emailed to you and input the percentages into the correct investment option on your 401k website.
  6. You should be able to click “OK” or “Confirm” or something similar. There may even be a confirmation that it has been done successfully.

Still having problems? Reply to our email containing your recommended allocation and we will be happy to help you.